Engage & Align Towards Customer Satisfaction and Business Success

People who work together to serve customers have to think and act as one—commit to common goals, understand the complementary roles they play in achieving those goals and communicate constantly with each other to assure that all involved stay engaged and on track.

A highly engaged and aligned product team improves productivity, reduces costs and directly impacts customer satisfaction and key business metrics. According to Gallup, companies with highly engaged employees experience 147% higher earnings per share (EPS) compared with their competition.

Marketing Mechanics helps our clients

  1. Attain insight into customer needs and market demands.
  2. Develop a collaborative and agile approach to product delivery and customer satisfaction.
  3. Rejuvenate and sharpen processes to improve everyone’s insight and effectiveness.

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About Us

Marketing Mechanics helps organizations—Fortune 100, start-ups, government entities and non-profits—accelerate growth across diverse markets. Over the years, our clients have included dozens of companies, non-profits and government entities. Examples include Adobe, VMWare, Wind River and Plantronics.

We offer services that help clients develop, refine, and refresh customer and market insight, engage and align cross-functional teams on customer-centric goals, develop business plans, product management processes, product management documentation, quantitative marketing (such as risk analysis and market forecasts) and interim product management.

Ellen Grace Henson, Managing Director and Founder of Marketing Mechanics

Managing Director and Founder of Marketing Mechanics, Ellen Grace Henson has been working in product management since the mid-’90s and consulting for 15 years. A thought leader with experience across multiple markets and technologies, Ellen Grace brings a unique combination of analysis and creativity to business and product strategy, market and customer insight, product-delivery process design, and aligning cross-functional teams to deliver high levels of customer satisfaction and strong business results.

San Jose, CA

Our Services

Customer &
Market Insight

Programs and initiatives to help your teams understand complex customer and market needs and translate them into actionable activities that deliver customer delight and strong business results.

Product Management &

We empower your teams to achieve maximum potential in product definition, design and execution—bringing deep expertise in all facets of product delivery and a unique, proven approach to product management, team engagement, and team motivation.


Marketing Mechanics’ suite of offerings enable employee engagement and alignment for product and service organizations. We help rejuvenate and sharpen processes to improve everyone’s insight and effectiveness.

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